Yassir Aref

Yasser is the CEO for Majestic Corp in Dubai and is also a Coach, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Author. He has worked at senior levels in several local, regional, and international companies in the UAE. He studied IT & Computer Science, and has also attended many short courses in Business Administration and has worked closely with leaders for over 10 years, helping them create collaborative, engaged workplaces that make a powerful and positive impact on the world. With 13 years of practical experience in the UAE, he accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in Management, Business development, HR, Training, Commerce. His clients range from international corporations to small business, government and non-profits. Yasser support leaders in clarifying their vision and the strategies to achieve it, developing collaborative leadership skills and building high performance teams. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Management. Away from work, he enjoy sports, cares a lot about healthy living, lifestyle, learning and adopting good habits, avoiding and fighting harmful stuff like smoking, obesity, diabetes.