Dr. Terry Rodriguez

Dr. Terry Rodriguez is an Assistant Professor with a specialization in Leadership, Human Resources and Organization Behavior. She has conducted cross cultural and active learning research at Gulf University for Science and Technology in Kuwait. She is also the Principal of her own firm, TR & Associates, focusing on international and US leadership, cross cultural competence and employee development. Her career as a Human Capital - Organizational Change and HR Development Professional includes a broad global business background with over 20 years of international (bilingual-Spanish) and national change expertise leading training and organizational development, management coaching, diversity/inclusive strategies, stakeholder assessment, and employee development and as an internal Human Resources consultant and Learning Director in two Fortune 50 companies. Dr. Rodriguez has previously taught graduate classes at the American University of the Middle East (affiliated with Purdue) in Kuwait, in Europe and China as well as Seattle WA. The focus of her doctoral study was leadership and organization behavior at Seattle University, USA (primary residence).