Dr. M. Fahim Khan

Dr. Khan has 39 years of experience in economic policy, planning, teaching, training, institutional capacity building, policy oriented research, advising and consulting. He had the opportunity to work in the area of Economic policy and planning while working for the Ministry of Planning, Government of Pakistan for 13 years in various senior positions. His important works are related to the issues concerning international economics, macreconometeric planning and forecasting models. In the context of institutional capacity builiding, he played an instrumental role in establishing and enhancing the capacity of the School of Economics of International Islamic University. As Chief of the Research Division, he built andenhnanced the research capacity of the Islamic Research and Training Insitute of the Islamic Development Bank. HR was the major element in the in building capacity of the Institute. Specialized human resource rquirement for the Institute was a challanging task. He took the human resource strength from almost nill to more than 100 professional and admininstrative staff.

He published 12 books and several articles in refereed international journals besides contributing numerous conference papers, working papers and policy papers. His recent publication is from Edward Elgar (UK) released in February 2010, with the title Islamic Banking and Finance in the European Union: A Challenge. A text book on Islamic finance is now being contracted with Wiley (UK).

Currently, he is Distinguished Facullty Member of National Defence University in Islamabad, Pakisttan and visiting Professor for Markfield Institute of Higher Studies, UK. Dr. Khan holds a Masters degree in Poltical Economy (Public Policy) and a Ph.D in Economics from Boston University in the US.