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Manal El Cheikh Ibrahim's picture
5 years 10 months ago
Manal El Cheikh... - Dear All, As an HR Professional, I see this approach as a very interesting one, yet an answer to a lot of problems that we are facing lately in our Corporate world. I agree with Dr. Adrienne that a lot of factors should be in question when it comes to implementing such an approach (Company Culture & Mission, Business Needs), however and as we all know, Working from home should be treated as a flexibility for employees & employers. It could be implemented following rules & conditions, It should never be a granted right to any employee. A certain seniority, Trust/Credibility for the employee and Job activity/Business Needs & Requirements, are to be weighed well before allowing such a flexibility to employees. I strongly agree with Dr. Fida, since I believe that this approach would help not only the employee & employer, but also the whole community, in terms of contribution to the Economy Growth and of helping create and sustain a new Motivation & Retention tool to employees of the 20th century. I Finally voted for Dr. Fida. Thank you a lot for this interesting Debate.