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5 years 6 months ago
Salwa - I would like to start saying that it's really an interesting topic that pushes you to reflect upon your overall lifestyle and conduct. Though I understand totally Dr. Isakovic's perspective and main concerns, however I know that many worries and assumptions come with any change or innovative approach that drives us out of the box. I don't agree that such a system would shake the organization's mission, vision or goals if put in place, of course in organizations based on services and not physical production. The management system will continue supervising the quality of the end products through monitoring the process. What difference would that make, if we believe in quality management, if I am physically present in the organization premises or working from home as far as I'm respecting deadlines and the organization quality criteria. Furthermore, my presence in the office for a monitored daily schedule doesn't really reflect my productivity or efficiency, does it?? Dr. Afiouni's questions highlight important work constraints we are living due to various reasons among which I state: being a working mother, having a special need or physical difficulty, belonging to any ethnic or unpriviledged society class. All of these are real people that suffer because of the rigid systems and their unfainess to less beautiful, less presentable and so forth. Nevertheless, the big shocking reality is the economic crises and growth of unemployment all over the world. I find this new approach as a valid way to help in creating more opportinities for people, but of course on the expanses of the luxiourious premises of the organizations. Yes, I vote for this system, of course having in mind the drastic changes that the organizations should have in their work code and ethics. I believe that change could happen if we try applying it on solid grounds not sacrificing the old one but working in a balnced manner that will serve the global villagers.