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5 years 9 months ago
jad mouka - With that being said, add to it the lack of liquidity in the market and the fact that developers are paying contractors with apartments instead of cash money, i think we are heading into more and more inflation that eventually will pop. Lots of companies now working on the market, are working for apartments instead of cash. suppliers are most of the time giving credits facility more and more with delayed payments reaching up to 12 months. we have taken the saying "Walking on the edge" to a whole new level. Imagine what would happen if the currently being developed projects does not get sold, imagine if the demand halts to a total stop. the circle would fall apart. contracting will go bankrupt, suppliers will not get their money back, banks will not get their money back. The slightest devaluation of the real estate market will take us back to the dark ages with the lack of government investments and ability to hold the economy stable. We are looking into the real estate bubble that happened in the usa years ago with only one difference that the debts are not being traded in the share market which gave it the fast fall off, it is gonna be slow and painful. We are sitting on a time bomb.