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5 years 9 months ago
RA - Well even if we apply the average of 2300 Usd and base it on the purchasing power of a couple along with the existing rates (that are historically low and that have no way but up, making existing loans even more difficult to repay ), Each person in the couple should be making at least 3750 which is also much higher than the average salary in Lebanon. As for comparing to other countries , who s to say that prices aren't inflated there ? Excess liquidity and low interest rates worldwide caused by the quantitative easing policies made it easier for unsolvable couples to borrow and driving real estate prices unsustainably . Finally I don t know if most people commenting on this page about scarcity of supply actually noticed that on the metn highway coming towards Beirut there s not a single building ( yes not a single one) that doesn't have a vacancy advertised on it . and that's just one road in Lebanon. I think the real problem like almost everything else in Lebanon is the lack of a proper set of laws that would solve the issue, or even maybe that the will to solve it is simply not there.