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5 years 10 months ago
SLC - Good point to discuss . 1. Try to compare LEB to other countries with a very limited free land availability 2. Xpat/immigrant are almost triple the number of the current citizens living in lebanon 3. The average price per sqm in lebanon is 2300$ not 3591$ as mentioned .your numbers are based in beirut minor area 4. Prices is logically accepted comparing to the regions avg price. What I would like to highlite is that some of the projects in lebanon are not worth the asked price due to the bad execution and bad finishing .here I point finger on such project to be reevaluated by the Municipalties to take action or to aware the end user from paying the market price in these projects. Finally we are influenced and optimistic towards the natural resources process and requirements from foreign investments could grab a wild open opportunities in all means . GB