By: Tahira Khan
I have had the privilege of living in Dubai for over 30 years and in those years I have seen some massive and impressive developments – Developments that helped the UAE secure ‘EXPO 2020’! These business &... More »
By: Jonscott Turco
How committed to your customer are you? No company wants to say that, do they?  And while the Region sorts out logistical, cultural, and human capital specifics, and their CEO Jeff Bezos are already... More »
By: Falah Mousa
Iraq seems to be hit by many curses. Among those, the most serious is the resource curse, or what is so called (Dutch Disease). This word was first used as a term in 1977 and can be defined as a set of negative... More »
By: Zeid Nasser
Five years ago, a Spanish lawyer took Google to court because he wanted to 'suppress' an old legal notice against him which kept appearing every time that anyone searched his name. It was information concerning... More »
By: Dr. Mussaad Al Razouki
There is an interesting new trend sweeping the western world; healthcare is moving away from hospitals and setting up shop in malls and other large retail outlets. I was first introduced to the concept of retail... More »