By: Dr. Mohamad Atyeh
A significant amount of research has focused on the integration of Arab financial markets over the past three decades, and the dynamics associated with how to efficiently measure the existing level of such... More »
By: Said Hourani
As long as we only view employees as an expense represented on the payroll and not as a resource, maybe we should refer to the group in charge of handling them as the Personnel Department — and not Human Resources... More »
By: Shan Saeed
Global Economic Outlook for 2014: Dangerous Times Ahead China and Germany are secretly making a currency agreement. Additionally, other countries like Russia, Brazil, and Norway could also be vying to call the... More »
By: Yassir Aref
If you ask any human resources professional what do they consider as the most important part in employee development, most of them will likely tell you that it is the training. The work environment is always in... More »
By: Arab Business Review
What is Big Data?  According to IBM, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created everyday from various sources.  Every time we post something to a social media site, use the GPS functions on our mobile phones, make a... More »