Instagram for Business

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  • Decide what will your business personality be on instagram, super formal, super friendly, funny, etc.
  • Interact with your audience, share photos more offen, repost your audience posts if they are relevant to your business and be ready to answer about your business.
  • Reward your followers, show them some behind the scenes photos and videos, make some of your content exclusive to the followers.


Instagram is a large photo sharing community (or social network) that started back in October of 2010, gaining one million users within two months of its launch. Over 60% of those users are located outside of the United States. Their latest statistics shows that there is an average of 55 million photos shared per day, and the number is growing. It is a very popular social media tool in Kuwait; therefore a lot of brands and companies here want to use it to boost their exposure and market their products and services. It is very easy for them to engage and socialize with existing—and potential—customers, know what’s happening in the moment, and increase their brand image and name on the hottest network du jour! 

There is really no right or wrong way to do all of the above. There are no rules or guidelines out there for creating an Instagram account for a company, but I do have few tips that might help you create an account and do it well.

First things first! You have to think what kind of a personality you want to create for your business on Instagram—a personality that can be easily accessible to your followers. From there, you can start to create your account. Decide if you want it to be super formal, super friendly, funny, … etc. Select someone to manage the account. This person must be well informed and know the business in order to be able to facilitate communications and answer any questions. 

Instagram is all about photo sharing. Users are there because they want to feed their eyes with pictures. Post pictures and videos that are relevant to your business and strategy to create a buzz, attract followers, and engage them. In turn they will express their opinions through the “like” button and/or comments; sometimes even through reposting. Some businesses will not only post product-related material, but also—every now and then—inspirational quotes, pictures with positive vibes, or posts with funny tweets, facts, or general info. 

As for me, I have always loved showing the faces behind the company. I like to take pictures of different staff members while they are working, serving, or even just smiling. This adds a bit more personality to the account and lends a more human element. 

Never ever create an account—with little or no activity at all—just for the sake of being on the network. You created the account to be present. There is no point to being on this network if you are not going to be active. If you post a picture, be ready to answer questions about it and explain it. Use captions that explain your posts, and never post  pictures or  videos without a caption.

Link your Instagram account to any other social network accounts you may have, such as Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter. Use hashtags to better group search results for users and make it easier for users to find you. 

Reward your followers for following you. Let them be the first to know about your news, show them some behind the scenes pictures and videos, give them exclusives, create special campaigns for Instagram, engage them with competitions, repost their posts when it is relevant to your business, and leave comments when they post about you. If they express their dislike try to work with them and find out the reasons behind it rather than getting defensive. Only delete and block when it is necessary (e.g., when a user uses bad language or posts rude comments)

Remember, you are representing a company on this very popular social network. Here are a few pieces of advice: never let your feelings dictate your reactions; be friendly and formal when answering questions; be open minded about complaints and do not take them personally; and  do not ridicule or make fun of anyone you interact with.